Always A Place For You – SATB | Philip Silvey
Philip Silvey - composer
Always a Place for You - SATB - choral score cover

You pause at the door,
alone and unsure,
Convinced this is no place for you.
And you hesitate,
you deliberate,
We have been waiting for you.
Come in.

There is always a place for you,
Though your doubts may be strong,
Rest assured you belong,
There is always a place for you.

Your eyes search the room,
afraid to assume
A space could be open for you.
And you second guess
your worthiness,
We have been watching for you.
Come sit here.

– Philip Silvey

We all want to feel included, yet sometimes question whether we belong. It takes courage to approach a group of strangers and ask, “Is there room for one more?” What a gift when, even before we can ask the question, someone calls out to us, “Over here, we saved you a place.”

Duration: 2:54

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