Amor Vincit Omnia | Philip Silvey
Philip Silvey - composer
Amor Vincit Omnia - SATB - Philip Silvey

Verse 1
When dawn approaches in the east
the morning sun will rise,
Filling earth with its warmth
shining down from Heaven’s skies

Bridge 1
[Such] a gift from above
Let each day [begin] in love

Amour vincet omnia
(Love conquers all things)

Verse 2
When the sun slowly sets
you come to mind once more,
Remembering the day our hearts touched
as the rain began to pour.

Bridge 2
You’re a gift from above
Let each day end in love

Verse 3
Let our happiness last forever
and be full of grace,
There is no other on earth
that could ever take your place

– excerpted from the poetry of Rick Widener

From Braden Pontoli who commissioned the work: “During my first year as choral director at Learwood Middle School, I met Donna Widener, a custodian who takes pride in her work and goes out of her way to make our hallways and classrooms look great. Donna was such a comfort to me during my first year. Being a first year teacher, I was pretty disorganized and would stay late hours. Donna helped comfort me with her words of wisdom and would remind me to take everything a day at a time. Towards the end of my first year teaching, Donna’s husband, Rick Widener, passed away. I attended the funeral viewing and quickly realized that Rick wrote poetry. Rick used to write poetry back in his high school years but put poetry aside for years until 2008. Rick would write poems for anyone in need of a pick me up, a special occasion, and many love poems to Donna. In 2012, Rick published his first and only book, Amor Vincit Omnia, Love Conquers All Things. When I was reading this book of poetry, I immediately took the book to Donna and I told her that someday I will commission a composer to write music based off of Rick’s Poetry.”

Duration: 4:15

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