Morning Moon | Philip Silvey
Philip Silvey - composer
Morning Moon - SSA - Philip Silvey

Rise, the horizon calls,
All too soon noonday falls.
Glow, may you never go,
Shine for those who don’t know.
Ever faithful witness,
Nightly you attest to love that cannot die.

Rise, morning moon,
Glow, perfect spherical balloon
and shine.

Stay, gentle light of night,
Must you fade out of sight?
Go to your hideaway,
Lost behind the King of day.
Sunlight overtakes you,
somehow I forget you,
busy with my day.

Even the planets pale,
Venus and Mars grow dimmer.
Even the stars will fade,
Losing their night-time glimmer,
None of these can outshine the sun,
None can burn so bright,
You alone bear the image of
the one Eternal Light! – Philip Silvey

This text explores the phenomenon of a moon still visible after the sun has risen. The speaker urges the moon to persist and sustains a one-sided conversation, exploring aspects of the moon’s relationship to the sun. The open-ended text lends itself to various interpretations, one of which may have sacred connotations. In this interpretation, the moon serves as a type of Christ, with the sun representing God the Father. The moon manifests the sun’s light, as Christ the son is a manifestation of the father. The phrase “ever faithful witness” correlates with the Davidic covenant reiterated in Psalm 89, verse 37, “It [David’s lineage] will be established forever, like the moon, the faithful witness in the sky” (The Holy Bible, NIV). In a more general way, the moon can serve to embody a person or emotion that is unseen but ever-present, often forgotten when overshadowed by its surrounding context. It was my intention to leave the text open to interpretation, allowing the singer to investigate the potential meaning of the moon, always present in earth’s orbit, frequently evident at night, but occasionally appearing in the brightness of daylight.

Duration: 4:20

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