Colorful | Philip Silvey
Philip Silvey - composer
Colorful - Words and Music by Philip E. Silvey

Be colorful, Be brave,
Once in a while misbehave (a little)
Be colorful, please do be colorfully you.

Everything you see is not
what you need to be,
Is not necessarily you.

Be curious, Be flawed.
Come as you are, be odd!
And shock and let them talk!

Why would you stay out of the way,
Quiet and small, not yourself at all?

When others set the status quo for how
far that you can go,
All those people didn’t know you!

Be powerful, Be bold!
Once in a while don’t do as you’re told!
Be colorful, please do, please do be
colorfully unapologetically you!

– Philip Silvey

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
— Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

This quote inspired the lyrics for “Colorful,” written with additional input from members of the Gates Chili High School Advanced Women’s Choir. These students described how they envisioned themselves in contrast to the messages they often hear from adults in their lives.

I have heard the word “colorful” used as a veiled attempt to avoid negatively characterizing someone with an unusual personal style. In these lyrics, the word serves to applaud divergence from the expected. In the fall season, I admire the way the changing leaves make each unique tree more distinct and conspicuous. Similarly, when individuals embrace and celebrate their idiosyncrasies, they stand out with brilliance.

Duration: 3:00

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